The fact is

That more than

80% of your audience


Have their first impression

Before your event even starts!

Dear Valued RunClick Client

Congratulations again on your purchase of RunClick.
Now you've got the world's most powerful unlimited webinar system in your hands -

And I have a responsibility to make sure you have EVERY chance at success possible. Right?

Ok Then.... It's time for us to have a little chat

First Impressions Count.

It takes just one-tenth of a second for us to judge someone and make a first impression

Viewing a landing page is like trying to get that big deal across the line, or be selected in an important job interview -

Turning that warm smile and welcoming handshake into a permanent offer (or in this case - getting them to register)

Is NOT easy without effort.

You HAVE to make a good first impression.

And with our pure quality webinar page template packages you will be able to make sure that your first impression counts every time.

Turning visitors into registrants - And registrants into buyers.

Making sure you make an outstanding impression throughout your whole webinar process.

And that you get it right every time.

Ten Template Package Special Offer

Quality Sells. So Make An Effort.


Imagine. It's your first meeting with your prospective new client...

You need to put your best foot forward. So:

Make An Effort With Your Appearance:

Be Sure To:

Keep It Smooth, Sophisticated and Matching your style:

Our page templates are cool, classy and modern. And you can edit to match your perfect branding.

Making An Effort Shows That You Care:

Like the job or contract you are going for... Turning up looking terrible isn't going to win anyone over.

And neither are badly formatted pages.

Our page templates are professionally designed and formatted by experts for maximum conversions.

Be Clear:

Nothing messes it up - like bad communication!

Unreadable, unclear fonts or using the wrong call to action buttons can cause confusion and stop visitors from signing up.

Our pages are designed with popular, easy to read fonts for total clarity and choices of call to action options for ultimate conversions.

Making An Effort Indicates Quality.

And Quality Pages Prove You Are Making An Effort.

Our Webinar template packages give you superior quality design with easy-to-edit flexibility -

That will make sure you that every visitor knows instantly know that both your products and your brand are pure quality.

Specifically designed to turn:



Ten Template Package Special Offer


Attract Interest. Set it in Stone:

Giving the very first glimpse of working with you. Professional, And Absolutely Captivating.
 Once it's a done deal - The registration page is there to take their details.

Your Registration Pages are tweaked to perfection to make an excellent first impression AND turn your visitors into registrants.

Always Say Thank You!

After you secure your agreement, get off on the right foot by saying thank you, and book it in both your calendars!

Our ONE CLICK Thank you pages will add the details to your prospects calendars and provide information on event details - plus even offer them a GIFT for sharing your message (if you choose to turn it on)

Go For It, Get Your Message Across and Be Flexible!

Flexibility and being yourself are key factors for any presentation - And the LIVE PAGE is where the magic happens.

Our totally flexible Live Pages allow you to make each page your own, boost your brand and get your message across to your audience in the way suits them the most.

Tell Everyone Everything That Was Great About It!

One of the keys to success in any presentation is the FOLLOW UP. Making sure the replay of your event is instant, professional and does the selling for you - long after you have switched off and powered down.

Show the people who missed out just how great your webinar was in our Replay Pages, specifically designed to frame and show off your webinar recording in the very best light! You can also share your replay with people who attended allowing you to cash in on extra sales!

Everything Good Comes To An End... (Or does It?)

You can choose (optionally) to close an event, once the special offer is complete. Always Go out on a high :)

Deliver messages to your visitors via a Closed Page. Tell them that your offer is closed and tell them exactly when the next one will be. This will guarantee your prospects come back time and time again.


They say a picture is worth 1000 words

And each template has been designed with absolute care to deliver the highest impact for you, every time.

Each template is extremely flexible
Allowing you to craft every element.

From the bullet points to that actual text on the submission buttons You can enter your own text to make each event buzz with your own branding logos and graphics is easy.

Even adding introductory video, or changing the language is simple to do with these templates

Ten Template Package Special Offer

(Plus... If you picked up the developers rights... Those rights apply to the templates as well!
That just added another service you can charge a premium for!)
Want another shot at the developers rights? Click here to go back

The success of your event depends a lot upon the image you show

And no matter if you are doing a one on one interview or talking to thousands at a time

From a tablet, phone, ipad (or ANY device) that you pages STILL look amazing and deliver the right message, right from the start.

Now, it's considered rude to whip your phone out when you first meet...

But the harsh truth is that Americans spend 162 minutes on their mobile devices every single day* - (A recent study by Flurry found)

Meaning it's pretty darn likely that they'll access your Landing Pages and take part in your webinar from their smartphone or tablet.

With our optimized mobile experience it'll be easier than ever for your users to interact with your webinar on the go.

Dramatically increasing your reach and your opportunity for conversions.

Optimized Pages = Optimized Conversions

Ten Template Package Special Offer

Creating Impressive Pages Of THIS Quality Would Cost You A Small Fortune.

Graphic Designers will charge you upwards of $100 to create EACH PAGE of your webinar process -

So let's do some quick maths...
$100 per page

And with each package containing 5 pages -

Each package is worth $500 in designing fees alone.


And Then You Would Have To Pay To Have Them
Optimized To Make Them Mobile Responsive.

Which would cost you nearly the same again for EACH PAGE.

Meaning One Package Would Cost You Around $1000.

BUT What If You Could Get 10 Full Packages For A Heck Of A Lot Less Than The Price Of Just One?

Ten full packages would cost you $10,000 to have created..

But only if you act right now, you can access the full set of TEN THEME PACAKES for just:

Ten Template Package Special Offer

Meaning you get $10,000 worth of flexible, quality, sleek and up to date design -


That's less than $9.70 Per Full Package

And less than $2 Per Page!

There is NO quality designer in the world who would charge you that little

And there's NO WAY they could create ANYTHING NEAR the standard of our pages for that.

In fact if you can seriously find a quality designer that designs pages of THIS standard for less than $2 per page - contact me and I will give you a full refund!

Pure Quality Templates. That Won't Cost The Earth!


For Less Than $2 Per Page!

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You have one chance and one chance only to take your Webinars to the next level with our pure quality webinar templates.

Make sure YOU are making the right first impression. Starting now.

Ten Template Package Special Offer

Not turning a lead into registrant for your webinars because you haven't made enough of an effort with your landing page - Is like not winning the big deals or important promotions because you went out to meet them in yesterdays dirty clothes.

Can you imagine that happening time and time and time again?

Surely no-one would continue to see that as acceptable.

Don't risk letting that happen.

It's not worth it.

Not when you can use your beautiful webinar page templates -

That will take care of the entire process for you.


To your absolute high-converting webinar success,

And making every single impression count.

Walt Bayliss